who we are

Tencent Games AI Research Center (TGAIRC) is an AI research and application institute under Common R&D and Operation System (CROS) in Tencent Games. Our mission is to improve game development efficiency and quality based on AI methods and other new technologies.

Research field

Current interests

Our current interests includes AI applications in intelligent agent control, digital content creation and simulation. Based on these brand new data driven methods, game developers can build realistic world at large scale, create vivid character with life-like interaction and increase their current pipeline's efficiency.


Our AI based applications can be found in multiple games such as QQ speed mobile, Happy Poker, PUBG Mobile and so on. Working together with other teams in CROS such as game engine and motion capture studio, we can help game developer by providing cutting-edge technologies and toolkits. Let's bring the future into the present and make it real!



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